Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011 In Review - Part 7: Top 100 Tracks of 2011

74. Croms - Invisible Cities (Exit)
A beautiful 80's inspired epic. Appears on Exit's Mosaic compilation.

73. Sei A - Frozen Flower (Turbo)
Peaceful and serene bass-meets-house from a very talented producer.

72. Gui Boratto - Stems From Hell (Kompakt)
An overall darker and more industrial effort from the Brazilian.

71. King Midas Sound - Without You (Dbridge revoice) (Hyperdub)
Dbridge's beautiful vocals add an entirely new dynamic to the dubstep classic.

70. Surismo - Golden Kugel (Monkeytown)
The best track off the wacky German's debut album.

69. LOL Boys - LDR (Palms Out Sounds)
A stripped back and slowed down house track that pays it's dues to UK bass.

68. High Places - Morning Ritual (Thrill Jockey)
An indie take on proper dub music. One of the only moments the worked on Original Colors.

67. Maceo Plex - Stay High Baby (Ellum)
The sleaze-house king delivers sex on the dance floor with this track.

66. SCNTST -Globus (BNR)
A massive progressive/ techno banger from the German prodigy.

65. GusGus - Selfoss (Kompakt)
An atmospheric trance number from the pseudo legends. James Holden loves this.

64. Burial, Four Tet, Thom Yorke - Ego (Text)
Burial. Four Tet. Thom Yorke. Need more be said?

63. Blawan -What You Do With What You Have (R&S)
A little does of acid from one of the biggest break-out producers of the year.

62. Hyetal - Diamond Islands (Boddika Remix) (Black Acre)
Possibly the most melodic uses of acid modulation that you will ever hear.

61. Sun Glitters - Too Much to Lose (White)
Comparisons to Balam Acab may be justified, but this track is just too likable.

60. Jamie Grind - Without You (Fortified)
A wonderful little juke track from another up-and-comer.

59. Switch - I Still Love You (Dubsided)
It may just be a cheesy diva-house vocal over a "Pon Di Floor" tool, but this track is infectious. Seriously, if someone treats this acapella to a better beat it could be the next "Show Me Love".

58. TWR72 - Future Tool (Bad Life)
The Dutch duo are at their best with this bouncy techno banger.

57. Momma's Boy - Soulchops (ADD Cat)
Mikix The Cat's alter ego for more bass-inspired deep house. And I mean Bass.

56. Dubbel Dutch - Hymn (Mixpak)
Almost defies classification, but it reminds me of a PS one era RPG soundtrack combined with UK Funky.

55. Agaric - Who Made Up The Rules (Ovum)
Huge house track. Riffy guitars, drugged out vocals, and a catchy chorus.

54. James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream (A&M)
The universally agreed "best track" off James Blake's much maligned debut album.

53. SCNTST - 909 Time (BNR)
Daft Punk would play this, if they DJed.

52. Scuba - Everywhere (Hotflush)
Is it 1985 in here? It is almost hard to believe that this is a Scuba track.

51. Art Nouveau - Air France (Gucci Vump Remix) (Demento Mori)
A fun and energetic little number that likely flew well under the radar.

50. Zombie Disco Squad - We Should Bang Tonight (Monkey Safari Hells Bells Remix) (Jackmode)
Everything about this track exudes cool. Monkey Safari absolutely kill this remix.

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