Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A/S... signing out.

I am sorry to inform the readers of A/S that this blog is officially on indefinite hiatus. I apologize for the ephemeral nature of this blog, but all of you who read it and shared your enthusiasms with me throughout its brief existence have truly meant a lot to me. You really have made this all worthwhile for me... Sadly though, I am just not in any position mentally, or emotionally, to continue with this project. I have felt this way for quite some time, but I always found some way to soldier through another lengthy post, at least once a week.

Unfortunately, as of right now, my heart just isn't in it anymore. There are other issues which I much deal with before I can even think about continuing on with the same zest that I had in the past. Maybe one day in the future, I may update again... but as of right now that seems very unlikely. Electronic/ dance music was always something that I gravitated towards while I was generally, happy. As of late, I have found it difficult to become motivated in finding tracks, listening to mixes, and even writing in general. It isn't fair to you guys for me to "mail it in" once a week just to keep the blog a float. It also isn't fair to just completely vanish with no word of where or when I will be coming back. So I have decided to make it known that updates, as of now... will cease.

Apologies to the select few, but certainly enthusiastic readers of A/S

Thank you so much for your time and kind words along the way,
Yours truly, Kody