Tuesday, 13 December 2011

2011 In Review - Part 2: Who to Watch in 2012

I probably should have done this list first in hindsight, but I think it is more exciting, so it gets released later on. This is a group of producers who will probably be completely unknown to some people, but I think that these are names that will be a lot bigger come this time next year. The criteria for this selection was simple, anyone who doesn't have a large number of releases, they also can't have podcasts or reviews from big sites. They basically can't be making big waves yet.

10. Incyde
Let's start off by breaking my own rules. Incyde would have been a perfect candidate for this list, but Scuba had to have an Incyde remix on his DJ Kicks. I guess Incyde was also featured on Back and 4th... but he hasn't quite hit his stride yet. Being surrounded by the Hotflush crew should serve this Boston naitve very well in 2012.

Incyde- Teleophase Ep

9. Kon
Kon is really, really going off the map. He only has one official release! But it was a very good one. He makes bass music that is akin to Lucid. He rocks the 808s and keeps it sounding ghetto. There is no reason to think that he won't continue 2012 with more goodness.

Nah Like - Blessed (Kon Remix)

JTRP represents a more minimal take on the bass scene. He's another producer who seems to be surrounding himself in good company, and is poised for a big year.

Busta Rhymes - Woo Ha (JTRP Remix)

7. Liar
I might get a little bit of heat for this one... let's just say that Liar has a very "North American Friendly" sound. I see it, however, as someone who is using harsh and aggressive sounds tastefully. I only hope that he doesn't stray too far next year.

Liar - The Lichborn EP

While having your debut EP on BNR hardly puts you "under the radar", this guy is only 18. Same age as RNH... what was I doing at 18? I certainly wasn't in the top ten in NHL scoring and putting tracks out for Boys Noize.

Slap in the Bass - Nada (SCNTST Remix)

5. Pasteman
Pasteman is going to have such a big year next year that it isn't even funny. This guy just keeps picking up more and more steam with every release. Also, this EP isn't going to be out until early 2012, so I already know he will be starting the year off strong!

Mak & Pasteman - Get With The Program EP

4. Sticky Stockholm
Swedish house producer with a pretty large body of work, definitely set to break out soon and get noticed by the big labels.

Sticky Stockholm - Fat Fish EP

3. Orphan101
He has actually been around for a long time, pretty much since the proper dubstep days. He runs his own label, and he may have already reached as much notoriety as he is going get. I feel that his productions are too solid to be ignored by this list though.

Orphan101 - Junker EP

2. Cosmic Revenge

I have been a big fan of this guy since late last year, and I originally thought that this would be his break out year. He has put out some very solid tracks and remixes but nothing to get him the attention that he deserves, so I will continue to rep him.

Cosmic Revenge & FBOM - Hustle Up

1. Sinjin Hawke
I almost feel bad including him in here since The Lights EP was so massive. I think he has the attention of a lot of people now, but next year should prove to be even bigger for the Montreal Native.

Sinjin Hawke - The Lights EP

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