Wednesday, 28 December 2011

2011 In Review - Part 7: Top 100 Tracks of 2011

Here are my favorite tracks from 2011! This list was literally a whole year in the making. I could have comfortably had a top 200, but I make the tough calls to bring you guys the cream of the crop!

100. George Fitzgerald - Shackled (Hotflush)
Not his best work, but this track solidifies last years promising upstart as a consistent producer. Also featured on Scuba's DJ Kicks.

99. Oneohtrix Point Never - Sleep Dealer (Mexican Summer)
The most captivating and compelling piece from one of the years most universally acclaimed albums.

98. Kowton - She Don't Jack (Idle Hands)
Little bit of future-retro that blends house, techno and bass music.

97. Jacques Greene - Another Girl (Lucky Me)
Taking a rather pedestrian pop song, and giving new life and new context.

96. Holy Other - Touch (Tri Angle)
One of the most seductive and sexy tracks of the year.

95. Sully - Let You (Keysound)
An absolute banger from Sully's highly touted debut album.

94. Orphan101 - Music Two Four Eight (Saigon)
Melodic techno at 140bpm never sounded so good... or possibly ever existed before this EP.

93. Submerse - Bubblin' (Frijso)
By the numbers future-garage track from the future garage master.

92. Planetary Assault System - Rip The Cut (Ostgut Ton)
Everything about that above line serves to describe this track to absolute perfection.

91. Instra"mental - Sun Rec (Non Plus)
At 1:40 the track takes an interesting turn from aggressive to melodic. These guys can make whatever they want, they are obviously too talented to stick to one genre.

90. Maya Jane Coles - Parallel Worlds (Hypercolour)
The UK is a legitimate house hot bed in this new decade.

89. Justin Martin & Ardalan - LEZGO (dirtybird)
This years answer to Mr. Spock. Both these guys need to produce more.

88. Samo Sound Boy - Shuffle Code (Ikonika Remix) (Trouble & Bass)
Sounds like an updated take on the synths from Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine"

87. Lokiboi - Luv U VIP (Car Crash Set)
Got a friend that runs his mouth about his awesome sound system? Make him play this and see him humbled.

86. Savage Skulls - Watching Me (Sound Pellegrino)
A massive house banger that works in so many contexts.

85. Kon - Game of Thrones (B.YRSLF Division)
The future sound of bass. Gangster as hell.

84. Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon Stimming Remix (Mau5trap)
The only way Deadmau5 is on this blog, is if it is through producers like Stimming.

83. Kahn - Tehran (Punch Drunk)
A middle-eastern vibe makes this one of the most infectious and interesting dubstep tracks of the year.

82.Four Tet - Pyramid (Fabric)
From Four Tet's wonderful FabricLive mix, an exclusive track that is some of this best work.

81.Elephino - More Than Me (Some Think Sounds)
Slow and catchy, with a repeated vocal hook that gets in your head.

80. Cosmin TRG - Fizic (50 Weapons)
Slamming maximalist techno from the talented Romanian producer.

79. Zomby - Nathalia's Song (4AD)
The best track from Zomby's wonderful Dedication album.

78. Clams Casino - Treetop (Tri Angle)
Catchy guitar lines over mutated hip hop beats.

77. Worthy - Lost Dog (LOL Boys Remix (Discobelle)
"I worked the crowd, I really worked them" is exactly what you will be saying when you play this track.

76. LV & Joshua Idehen - I Know (Keysound)
The opening track from Routes lets us know exactly what kind of ride we are in for.

75. Pinch & Shackleton - Selfish Greedy Life (Honest Jons)
The best track from P&S. The creepy worked over vocal really lends itself to the even creepier and tension building rhythms.

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