Tuesday, 13 December 2011

2011 In Review - Part 1: Break-Through Producers

I know it's been waaaaaay too long between posts, and there is currently no one following yet, but both of those things are going to change starting now! Now for the obligatory year end wrap-up lists that are all too common around the web. Sure there are bigger, and more reputable sites that do the same thing, but after reading so many sites for so many years, and even a few from this year... I am just getting tired of things getting missed.

So after a lot of work and reflection, I have compiled a series of lists to reflect the year that was 2011. Now I should warn you, these are only opinions, and only one man's at that. I felt like I listened to a million albums and tracks this year, but there is always going to be stuff that I missed. In fact, the best albums list will likely be last, since I am still tabulating some last minute releases. I do however have this list ready, a list of producers that are either new, or have been around for a while but never really risen to prominence until 2011. Without further adieu, I give you Break-Through Producers of 2011!!!

10. Lucid
This young Australian producer is the champion of a new breed of bass music. It's raw, it's bizarre, and it's catching on. He hasn't seen a lot of accolades yet, but if he isn't on your radar, he should be.

Thy Lucid EP Sampler

9. Blawan
Blanwan has crafted a very distinct and unique style that has set him apart from his techno contemporaries. His tracks are always recognizable immediately. 2011 saw him release a myriad of smashers, many of which had been getting massive support from major players.

Blawan - Getting Me Down

8. Lone
Lone is another brilliant, young and British producer who made major waves this year with a unique take on... music in general. His remix of Feral was pretty much the only thing the critics could agree on when talking about TKOL.

Radiohead - Feral (Lone Remix)

7. LOL Boys
Sometimes you just want to have fun and get insane on the dance floor (or in the bedroom, or on the bus with the headphones). LOL Boys represent a growing sound of unique, and innovative dance music that is coming from North America.

Gun Selectah - Villa Ghetto (LOL Boys Remix)

6. TWR72
Seriously? Why has no one been on these guys yet? Dutchmen The Walk and Roger 72 have teamed up to create one of the best, most consistent and most prolific production teams of the year. They have a bouncy and stark  electro/ techno sound that gets into your ears and bores through your skull until it's deep inside your brain.

TWR72 - Paradox

5. Mosca
Mosca has been around for a while, and it could be argued that last year was his breakout year. Also, you could say that he did more last year than he did this year. Although, at this time last year Mosca wasn't a house-hold name, and now he very much is. Plus anybody that builds a rewind into their track, is just cool.

Mosca - Done Me Wrong

4. Addison Groove
The alias of Headhunter has gotten some major attention this year, and rightfully so. He had one of last years biggest tunes in the form of "Footcrab". He hasn't released a lot of material, but every single track he did release has been played a lot this year. Not too mention his name popped up in some pretty good compilations/ commercial mixes as well. Look forward to an album on Modeselektor's 50 Weapons label this March.

Addison Groove - Fuk Tha 101

3. Jamie XX
It's hard to imagine that I have this guy only at number three. He has produced a brilliant remix album of the late Gil Scott Heron, mixed an essential mix, mixed a FACT mix, he remixed Radiohead, he  remixed Adelle, he has been sampled by Drake, and he is responsible for one of best tracks of the year: Far Nearer, which you can catch on a later list...

Drake feat. Rhianna - Take Care

2. Maya Jane Coles
Was there a bigger name this year than Maya Jane Coles? Well, according to me there is one more name that is bigger, but to many she epitomizes the term "Break-through". She released very good EPs for some very good labels: 2020, Hypercolour and Mobilee. She's compiled and mixed an RA podcast (the site for which she  slotted in at number 9 on their top 100 DJs Poll aka the real top 100 DJs Poll), and an essential mix as well. She has also become one of the most in demand DJs in the world.

Maya Jane Coles - Focus Now EP

1. Eats Everything
Dan Pearce is a guy you can like. He has been DJing/ Producing for over a decade with no notoriety. Last year, he couldn't find any label to release one of this year's undisputed best tracks. He represents Bristol and a completely fresh and fun take on house music. Until this point I had been saving these artists' best tracks for my "Top Tracks" list, but since I am putting him at number one, I figured I had to go with the big guns.

Eats Everything - Entrance Song

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