Monday, 26 March 2012

Fresh New Tunes!

Here are some fresh and smokin' tunes from across all who spectrum of electronic music, like only A/S can bring em' to you!

You may remember the name Black Acre from last year. I will give you a hint, it was the label that releases my favorite album from 2011. Blue Daisy's "The Sunday Gift" was an absolute land-mark album, and put the Black Acre label firmly on my radar. Another strong act from last year was Dark Sky. Put the two together and what do you have? An awesome EP that contains one of my favorite tracks of the year so far.

Dark Sky - F Technology (Black Acre)

Next is the A-side I promised on the EHTC boards on Saturday. This is, once again, a tentative lock for one of my favs of the year. Take a listen.

Phonique - Vincent Price (Dessous)

Here is some Garage/ 2-step for you. C.R.S.T. is another name you should certainly watch. This is a wonderful floor-filling vocal track that slots in comfortably at 128 bpm, so you have no excuse not to find a way to slot into a set!

C.R.S.T. feat Jessy Allen - What I Want (Valve)

Now it's time for some techno! This is a sweet EP from Go Hiyama. Each of the four tracks is markably different, and each one brings something different to the table. My favorite is Lecor/B.

Go Hiyama - Arc00 EP (Hue Helix)

Later this spring K7 will release two heavily, heavily anticipated mix albums. One of those will come courtesy of meteoric, young, hotshot superstar Maya Jane Coles, the other will come from the grizzled veteran Photek. The exclusives from Photek's mix are available now, there are three in total. This, is by far the best. It is a real looker... er, listener.

Photek - No Agenda (K7)

Next one comes from Buraka Som Sistema's Enchufada imprint. This track is produced by T. Williams, and contains nothing by dance floor destroying capabilities. A UK funky inspired beat, but with all the crunch and bounce to get the bandwagon jumpers... jumping. This links to the entire EP, but it's the first track that I give A/S support to. Check your ego at the door for this one.

T. Williams - Can We (Enchufada)

Okay, now you can go get your ego back, here is some Gerry Read.

Gerry Read - Crawlspace (Delsin)

Okay, now for some progressive. Progressive! I wasn't kidding when I said I bring you EVERYTHING here at A/S. Don't fret though, it is still "deep prog", if that hasn't been coined yet, I am coining it here. Also, PLEASE, PLEASE check this label SOUNDZ. This is one of the most original labels going right now.

Satoshi Fumi - Oriental Express EP (SOUNDZ)

Now for some Poker Flat! Alex Niggemann just released a new EP for the German label, and the title track "Don't Wait" is pure deep house bliss. It grooves just enough to move, but it is understated too. Not to be missed!

Alex Niggemann - Don't Wait EP (Poker Flat)

I have a lot of content from Turbo on here... nothing wrong with that. This is a remix from legendary Ewan Pearson. The original isn't really my thing, but he definitely turns it into a nice piece of maximal techno.

Raid Over Moscow - Rush to the Capsule (Ewan Pearson Remix) (Turbo)

Next up is something that I will be honest and say I didn't foresee happening on this blog. That being a post about Hospital Records... what can I say, they aren't my favorite label, especially lately. Just not my type of drum and bass. So imagine my surprise when on my beatport feed, I see Submerse with a track on Hospital. Actually, when you think about it... it isn't that surprising. A lot of Submerse's stuff is borderline "pop", which fits right in with Hospital's mantra. Funnily enough (look it up, funnily is actually a word), this track is pretty gritty for Submerse.

Submerse - This Time, You're Not Wrong (Hospital)

Lone's debut album will be out this spring. Needless to say, hype continues to mount exponentially. But if we want to see where he is right now, in terms of production, this remix he did for Joakim might be a tasty little treat.

Joakim - Labyrinth (Lone Remix) (Future Classic)

Next up is a diverse EP from Senseless records. There are only two original tracks, but there are a healthy supply of remixes from the likes of Chaos in the CBD, Brenman, and Pelican Fly artist, Rizzla. Here is the whole thing, take a listen.

Zebra Katz & Boyfriend - Winter Titty EP (Senseless Records)

Now for some drum and bass from Samurai Music. This is the type of forward thinking dnb that I tend to gravitate towards. This is ultra-smart, but also ultra-soulful. This is Synkro (another name you should check out) remixing Tokyo Prose.

Tokyo Prose - Echoes (Synkro Remix) (Samurai)

Next up is an artist who is kind of... trying to find his footing in the post-dubstep world. 2562 was one of the first "abstract" dubstep producers in the mid-late part of the decade. Recently, however, he has sort of straddled the house/ techno/ bass genre rather awkwardly. His latest EP should change that a little. The tracks are not dance-floor-friendly by any means, and are still very isolating experiences, something that plagued his latest full length album, but at least they offer something a little more interesting. Especially this, the last track on the EP. It is a brilliant, worldly track that clocks in at 8 minutes, and 104 bpm. It is certainly, if nothing else, unique.

2562 - Nocturnal Drummers (When In Doubt)

I would be remiss if I didn't include some proper, modern dubstep. Deep Medi Mind is pretty much the only 100% dedicated dubstep label that is getting any press these days. What am I, an amateur press member (I wish), doing to rectify this? Not a damn thing. Here is a new EP from Mensah. Dark shit.

Mensah - The Gambla/ Trailing Moons of Saturn (Deep Medi Mind)

Here is a nice little techy, housey track from newcomer Alex Coulton. This is some good underground stuff right here.

Alex Coulton - Brooklyn (Idle Hands)

Next is a great couple of tracks from one of the best up-and-comers in the UK house scene. You may not have heard of Trikk before, but this release on George Fitzgerald's Man Make Music label, could give him the exposure that he deserves.

Trikk - Jointly/ I Fall Down (Man Make Music)

Now for some more techno, and some controversy. This is the kind of "hands in the air" techno that gets maligned to hell all the time from the "old school" fans. I don't care though. I like Len Faki, I love Traumer, and I love Shout Records. This is hands-down, my favorite track of this bunch that I am posting. This, in my opinion, is a masterwork of production, atmospherics, and energy management. It is 9 minutes long but it is so dynamic that you really need the whole 9 minutes to appreciate the subtleties and builds and releases. Not to mention one of the best break-downs I have heard in a long time.

Gabeen & Tosi - Infected (Electrorites Remix) (Hybrid Confusion)

Remember when I said Liar would be one to watch this year after only one release? Well now he just got featured on XLR8R! Remember you heard about him here first. His new EP "Undance" is vastly different. But think it shows him maturing as an artist. Some awesome remix work here too. Check it out!

Liar - Undance EP (Farver)

Last, but certainly not least, to conclude this epic post I give you Airhead, and a track that you should already know, "Wait".

Airhead - Wait (R&S)

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