Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dedicated to EHTC!!! Some goodies.

I haven't updated in a looong looong while, but I have been spurred on by the wonderful (and active) Edmonton House and Techno Collective that has popped up on Facebook. I think that this can be a wonderful launching point to build a decent underground scene here in the city of Edmonton. I think that if we can grow this group and carefully add and expand it outwards, good things can start happening. So this post is dedicated to the people that make this group awesome!

Dillon and Chaim are two Bpitch recording artists who both put out full lengths last year. I wasn't particularly impressed with either of them, but if DJ T. and Get Physical have taught us anything it's that sometimes pedestrian albums can spawn great remix packages. This remix of "Tip Tapping" sounds nothing like the original, but Chaim hits all the right mid-west vibes with his remix.

Dillon - Tip Tapping (Chaim Remix) (Bpitch Control)

Keeping right in line with that theme, enter the elusive remix of "Reckless With Your Love" by Azari & III that was featured in their essential mix a couple weeks ago. There have been a lot of Azari & III remixes that have popped up in the past six months, and rightfully so. This Tiga remix, however, is without a doubt my favorite of the bunch.

Azari & III - Reckless (With Your Love) (Tiga Remix) (Turbo)

It almost looks like I was doing algebra with all those brackets... Anyway, moving right along with the funky/ bass driven/ electro inspired grooves, here is a track called "I'm Lonely" by Hollis P Monroe. It is remixed by Larse; if you are familiar with Noir records you should have come across him by now. He has a bit of an eclectic pallet, as he has dabbled in proper funk and straight up disco on top of house. A good chunk of his productions are south of 115 bpm. His best stuff, however, is his soulful, deep, electro. This track is a little deeper, and little more soulful than the last two, but it is great.

Hollis P Monroe - I'm Lonely (Larse Remix) (Noir)

Now for something jackin'. You may remember J. Phlip playing this one early in her set at Level 2 last month. It is a remix of an Audiojack track, and while they are always awesome, FCL has really stolen the show with his remix of "Stay Glued". As I said, it's jackin'.

Audiojack feat. Kevin Knapp - Stay Glued (FCL Weemix) (Gruuv)

I have yet another treat for you guys. This comes from Adam Port, who used do be pretty hit or miss with by-the-book tech house and minimal tracks late in the last decade. I haven't actually followed him for over two years, but upon listening to some of his new stuff, I was very impressed. Here is my favorite of the group of tracks that I heard. It's some raw soul.

Adam Port - Someone to Love (Keinemusik)

Last but not least here is a cut from awesome label 1trax. It is by Dodha, who has been consistently putting out good tunes for the equally consistent UK label. It is a little slower than the other stuff I posted, but what it lacks in tempo it makes up for in bass.

Dodha - Peenoit (1trax)

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