Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 In Review - Part 7: Top 100 Tracks of 2011

The final list of the year is at hand, after this it will be 2012 content. Also, I realize that I am late with this list. Oh well, I was sick. So here are (were) my favorite tunes from 2011.

25. Black Diamond Bay - I Dreamt We Were Bankrobbers (Exceptional)
While not characteristic of dubstep that I usually prefer, this track uses distortion and aggression to juxtapose the almost ethereal vocals. The end product is very emotional, and also very intellectual.

24. Martyn - We Are You in the Future (Brainfeeder)
A common motif in 2011 was incorporating elements of trance into your productions. We Are You in the Future was not only the best example of this, it was also the brightest spot on Martyn's "Ghost People" album.

23. Joe Gaddard - Gabriel (Greco Roman/ DFA)
The main man from Hot Chip offers a stellar little UK House number with female vocals.

22. Modeselektor - Pretentious Friends (Monkeytown)
Modeselektor really do glitch-hop better than anything else, production wise. They are also the only decent popular glitch-hop producers left, and they don't even make it all the time. Honestly, it they made an album of nothing but Prenentious Friends, I think it would be awesome.

21. Blue Daisy - Fallin' (Black Acre)
Drenched in angst and riddled with despair, Fallin' is the most bleak and depressing track on the very bleak and depressing debut album from Blue Daisy.

20. Paul Woolford & Psycatron - Stolen (Hotflush)
A wonderful and expansive techno/ house/ bass track from one legend teaming up with a new comer.

19. Mosca - Bax (Numbers)
Infectious. This track was everywhere this year. This could single handedly bring back UK speed garage.

18. Waifs & Strays - Yeah yeah (Leftroom)
Bristol had a pretty big year. Julio Bashmore and Eats Everything both enjoyed massive years. Not to be neglected are Waifs & Strays. Yeah yeah was a weapon for many DJs this year. With a slow yet undeniable groove, it wasn't hard to see why.

17. Addison Groove - This is It (Tectonic)
Another huge track that took bass music to a new level. With percussion and acid synths all blaring at once, you don't so much want to dance to it, as freak out.

16. Boddika & Joy O - Swims (Swamp 81)
While it is been "forthcoming" for well over six months now, and it may never actually get released, it still found it's way into DJ sets everywhere. Featured on SBTRKT's Essential mix, Ben UFO's Rinse and countless podcasts.

15. Blue Daisy - Psyche Inquiry (Black Acre)
A guitar driven, aggression fueled hip hop cut from the legendary Sunday Gift. This track exudes 90's.

14. Jamie xx - Far Nearer (Numbers)
Nice use of steel drums and vocal pitching to create one of the years most accessible dance tracks. This had a lot of attention from a lot of critics, but it was well deserved.

13. Consequence - Lovershell (Exit)
I am shocked that I couldn't find this anywhere. It is on the Instra:metnal and Dbridge FabricLive, so you can listen to it there.

12. Solar Fields - Night Traffic City (Ultimae)
Simply wonderful. A true epic that reaches unbridled ecstasy about half way through.

11. Burial - Street Halo (Hyperdub)
One of Burial's best tracks ever. So good and so heavy. Supposedly another album in 2012?

10. Lucid - Based (Cosimic Revenge Remix) (Pelican Fly)
Computer speakers will not suffice, so don't even bother. This is another track that defies classification. There are 808s, and pseudo doo-wop vocal harmonies throughout. So catchy, yet so heavy at the same time.

9. Scuba - Adrenalin (Hot Flush)
Scuba may have changed his style dramatically over the past year, but it doesn't make his music any less interesting or compelling.

8. Paul Kalkbrenner - Jestrüpp (Rough Trade/ Paul Kalkbrenner Music)
A good song until the main guitar melody kicks in... then it becomes a great song.

7. SBTRKT - Wildfire (Objekt Remix) (Young Turks)
Biggest techno banger of 2011. Look out for Objekt in 2012. This tune was so big, even SBTRKT played it over the original in his DJ sets.

6. Girl Unit - Wut (Claude Vonstroke Undressed Mix) (Night Slugs)
Take one of the freshest and biggest tunes from 2010, and get one of the best producers going right now to give it a completely new face, and you get a monster that in many ways, defined 2012. Bass music and house can not only co exist, but feed off each other.

5. Kingdom - Hood By Air Theme (Night Slugs)
Why is everything that this guy puts out the freshest, dopest shit I have ever heard? This track is so far ahead it isn't even funny. And samples it's source material to absolute perfection.

4. Eats Everything - Entrance Song (Pets)
Monster track. Everyone has heard it by now, everyone had heard who made it. I just can't believe it took a year to get this track picked up. A lot of labels must be kicking themselves right now.

3. Benoit & Sergio - Everybody (DFA)
A catchy and fun little tune from a duo that had a pretty solid 2011. It is poppy, but it has enough kick to rock pretty much any dance floor.

2. Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You (PMR)
A track like this comes along maybe every ten years. This is something that our kids will be dancing to.

1. Blanck Mass - Sundowner (Rock Action)
No club track for the number one slot. Instead I picked the track that I connected to the most this year. Pure bliss.

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